Stages & Flooring Rentals in Norristown, PA, Eastern and Central Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Northern Delaware

Elevate your event with our premium stages and flooring options. Our stages are available in various sizes and configurations, perfect for accommodating everything from intimate performances to large-scale productions. Pair your stage with our selection of flooring options, including dance floors and carpeting, to create a stylish and comfortable environment for your guests.



Our stages are designed with flexibility and customization in mind. Each stage is comprised of 4’ x 4’ sections and can be elevated up to 4’ tall, allowing you to create a stage size that fits your event’s needs perfectly. Guardrail, skirting, stairs and tenting are also available to complete the stage.

Sur-Loc Flooring

Sur-loc flooring is contour flooring used as a stable base for carpeting or AstroTurf on areas where standing water or slightly unleveled ground may be a concern. This option is available in 4’ x 4’ sections.


Porta Floor

This flooring is ideal for firm and level surfaces, such as cook tents, and provides a reliable base for your cook tent, giving you peace of mind during your event. This option is available in 1’ x 1’ sections.

Parquet Dance Floor

The parquet dance floor is a classic and elegant choice for events where dancing is a key element. This is a traditional style dance floor that must be installed in a covered area. This option is available in 3’ x 4’ sections.

Custom Flooring

Our custom flooring solutions are designed to address unique challenges such as sloping yards or installations over pools, allowing you to maximize your event space and create a seamless and level surface. Our team is happy to complete the custom flooring with steps, ramps, and carpeting to meet your specific requirements.

Please give us a call or stop by our showroom to arrange a rental.