Event Planning

Home Event Planning

Below are some event planning tips to start the process, from standard guidelines for seating to ideas about renting a dance floor for that special occasion. These suggestions are only intended as a general guide, so please feel free to call our sales consultants with your specific needs.

Space Allowances

Buffett Table 100 Sq. Ft. Per Table
Bar100-150 Sq. Ft. Per Bar
Cake Table50 Sq. Ft.
Cocktail Table50 Sq. Ft. Per Table
D.J.150 Sq. Ft.
Standing Cocktail Party 7 Sq. Ft. Per Person
Seated/Standing Cocktail Party15 Sq. Ft. Per Person
Sit Down Dinner/Buffet 15 Sq. Ft. Per Person
Sweetheart Table 50 Sq. Ft. Per Table
Theater Seating6 Sq. Ft. Per Person

Dance Floor Sizes

8’X12’8 Couples
12’X12’16 Couples
12’X15’20 Couples
15’X16’28 Couples
16’X18’34 Couples
18’X20’40 Couples
18’X24’50 Couples
24’X24’80 Couples