Tenting Your Winter Events

Anthony_Party_Rentals_SnowWhile people typically think of tenting as a good solution for the issues that summertime weather can present (such as rain, or excessive heat) many do not realize that tents are just as practical a solution for the winter. As the seasons progress from warm to cold we are able to adapt to almost any temperature with a few additions to our standard tenting. The same tent used for an August surprise party could very easily be made comfortable for a Thanksgiving dinner with the addition of sidewalls and a heater. Then, by simply battening the walls to prevent any snow or cold air from entering the tent we can prepare the tent for a New Year’s Eve Party mid snowstorm.

There are a few more specialized issues that our staff has to consider when quoting and installing a tent when it gets colder, such as the rise in temperature necessary to make the tent comfortable, the length of the event, the length of time the tent will be left onsite. If the temperature is going to be below freezing we are only able to send certain walls, as any clear vinyl becomes extra brittle if exposed to the cold for too long. Typically, when quoting winter events, we take a “better safe than sorry” approach and anticipate the worst-case scenario as far as conditions and the necessary heating. So, if you are concerned that there are too many heaters on the order there is always the option to reduce them as the event gets closer and the forecast gets clearer!

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